A Look Back at Notable Events in the Car Industry on February 24rd

From historic race wins to new car reveals, the car industry has seen many notable events occur on February 24 throughout history. Here are some of the most significant:


  • The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII was released in Japan, featuring a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and all-wheel drive system.
  • NASCAR driver Ward Burton won the Daytona 500, driving a Dodge Intrepid.


  • McLaren revealed their new F1 car, the MP4-12, which would go on to win multiple races and become one of the most iconic race cars in history.
  • NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500, driving a Chevy Monte Carlo.


  • The Ford Motor Company announced that it had lost $1.5 billion in 1991, the largest loss in the company’s history.
  • Nissan unveiled the new Silvia S14, a sporty coupe that would become popular in drifting and motorsport communities.


  • The DeLorean Motor Company filed for bankruptcy, after producing only about 9,000 vehicles of the iconic DMC-12 model.
  • The Porsche 959 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, featuring all-wheel drive and a top speed of 195 mph.


  • The Ford Mustang became the first car to appear on the cover of Time magazine.
  • The new 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was released, featuring a 455 cubic inch V8 engine and a bold design.


  • The Lamborghini Miura was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, featuring a mid-engine layout and a top speed of over 170 mph.
  • The first IndyCar race of the season was held in Phoenix, Arizona, with Mario Andretti taking the win.


  • All civilian automobile production in the United States was halted due to World War II, as factories were retooled for military production.

This is just a small sampling of the events that have occurred in the car industry on February 24 throughout history, highlighting the many successes and challenges that have shaped the industry into what it is today.

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